Kyrie Irving

The NBA has officially unveiled its list of the 75 greatest players of all time as voted on by a panel of media members, current and former players, coaches and team executives. And naturally, with a list of this magnitude, there are going to be disagreements. One prominent one came before the final list was even released. On Thursday morning, Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodalatweeted "So y'all saying Kyrie Irving ain't top 75? I agree… he top 20 at least…" Irving was not named to the top 75 when the final 25 names were released on Thursday.

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Irving is currently in the spotlight due to his position on the COVID-19 vaccine. The Brooklyn Nets star is not currently allowed to play in home games at Barclays Center because of a vaccine mandate in New York City, and the team is holding him out entirely rather than allowing him to play only on the road. His Nets lost their opening night tilt with the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks without him. 

His all-time stature within the league is extremely difficult to parse. On pure skill, Irving has a compelling case for the top 75 and beyond. He's one of the greatest ball-handlers and individual scorers in NBA history. He hit a championship-winning shot that knocked out a 73-win team. If you were merely selecting the 75 players you'd want in a single game in NBA history, it wouldn't be hard to argue in Irving's favor. 

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